Feel the Fun

We set out to build the most fun drone ever, and we came up with Tello: an impressive little drone for kids and adults that’s a blast to fly and helps users learn about drones with coding education. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying can be!


New to Drones? No Problem.

Flying Tello couldn’t be easier! Just pull out your phone to fly anytime or anywhere with intuitive controls.

VR Headset Compatibility

VR Headset Compatibility

Fly with a breathtaking first-person view.


DJI Flight</br> Tech”></div>
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Industry-leading components to ensure stable flights.


Tello</br> App”></div>
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Getting started is extra easy with the Tello app’s friendly UI.


Controller Compatibility

Controller Compatibility

Precise control for unforgettable experiences.


See the World from the Sky

Whether you’re at a park, in the office, or hanging out at home, you can always take off and experience the world from exciting new perspectives. Tello has two antennas that make video transmission extra stable and a high-capacity battery that offers impressively long flight times.

Fantastic Features for Endless Enjoyment

Thanks to all the tech that Tello’s packing, like a flight controller powered by DJI, you can perform awesome tricks and with just a tap on screen. Flying has never been so fun and easy!


Throw & Go

Start flying by simply tossing Tello into the air.


8D Flips

Slide on screen to perform cool aerial stunts.


Bounce Mode

Tello flies up and down from your hand automatically.


Relax! Tello’s Super Safe.

Tello’s lightweight, yet durable design combined with software and hardware protections make it so you can always fly with confidence.

Auto Takeoff/Landing

Auto Takeoff/Landing

Lift off or land with a single tap.

Low Battery Protection

Low Battery Protection

Alerts go off when your battery gets low.

Failsafe</br> Protection”></div>
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Land safely, even if you lose connection.

Vision Positioning System

Vision Positioning System

Smart tech that facilitates precise hovering.

Programming is More Fun than Ever

Now available for Tello, Tello Edu is a mobile programming app that supports Scratch. Students can command Tello to perform corresponding movements by dragging coding blocks on their smart mobile device. Students can also develop programming skills by playing games and completing levels.* Discover the fun of programming!

– Mobile Scratch Programming

– Move-Based Control

– Programming Simulator


Download Edu App